Who We Are And What We Stand For

We are Ganymede Games, an independent games studio in Las Cruces, NM. We create worlds that inspire exploration, adventures that spark curiosity, and unique gameplay that respects your time and busy lives. We promise to craft experiences you will want to share with others both in-game and out of game.

Ganymede Games was formed by industry veterans. Our team is composed of seasoned gamers, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and animal lovers whose passion for exploring new worlds infuses everything we do. We value humility, passion, curiosity, learning and healthy doses of creative risk-taking and personal adventure.

Having worked together around the globe from Los Angeles to Cyprus at companies like Riot Games and Wargaming, co-founders Jerry Prochazka and Rob Thompson are joined by developers who left the high costs and noise of the high-tech cities for an affordable, high quality of life with plenty of local biomes to explore.

Meet the Team

Jerry Prochazka
Jerry ProchazkaDesign | Leadership
Jerry is a Chicago native and was first exposed to the power of games when playing D&D with his childhood friends. From helping to build new, nuclear powered aircraft carriers to eventually joining Riot Games executive team, where he merged his personal passion for games with his professional life, Jerry has always been a hard core gamer. With a decade of video game executive experience, working at Riot Games and Wargaming, he now leads Ganymede Games.
Rob Thompson
Rob ThompsonPublishing | Operations
Rob grew up physically in Milford, CT and digitally in online gaming communities. Gaming has always been his passion starting with Mario Kart on the N64. His teen years led him to competitive shooters, where he competed at national tournaments. Rob broke into games development doing QA for Activision (He has some stories!), which led to jobs at Riot Games and then Wargaming. With Ganymede, Rob is excited to create the kind of experiences that first drew him into games.
James Kahn
James KahnWriter | World Builder
James is a novelist and Emmy-nominated writer, whose literary career began with the sci-fi epic World Enough and Time – which caught the eye of Steven Spielberg who brought him on to ET: The Extraterrestrial. He then novelized several blockbuster movies, including Poltergeist, The Goonies, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and more before writing for TV with series such as Melrose Place and Star Trek: Voyager. Working with someone so accomplished and creative is made even more delightful by his humility. This is his first video game, and he’s excited to be building an expansive sci-fi world for players to explore.
Devon Emerick
Devon EmerickGameplay | Technology
Devon is from New Orleans and graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. He found his passion for gaming early on with Mario on the NES and by the time he first picked up the Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, Devon knew that he wanted to have a career as a Gameplay Engineer. With thousands of hours across dozens of RPGs, he can currently be found playing Path of Exile and Valheim. Having joined Ganymede early on, Devon is responsible for everything game technology-related, most importantly ensuring the gameplay experience is smooth.
Chris Gardula
Chris GardulaCreatures | Characters
Chris is a self-taught game artist from Perth, Australia (West Coast!). The most recent addition to the team, Chris is responsible for the art direction and asset creation, which includes creatures, UI, and environments. Prior to Ganymede, Chris was an artist for indie studio Binary Space Games. Chris loves all manner of RPGs and is eagerly awaiting the Diablo 2 remaster.

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