Ganymede Games Promise and Values

We believe that the best games stimulate our curiosity, challenge our intellect and allow the space to relax and have fun. We believe that the majority of gameplay compulsion loops deployed over the past decade feel stale and uninspiring. We don’t believe players are whales, valued for how much money we can pull from them. To us, you’re part of our tribe of gamers who are looking for something new. We promise to create the kind of game experiences that inspire you to explore and learn, while respecting your time and money.

To successfully deliver on our promise to players, we believe an awesome place to work fosters trust and respect for one another. So, we think it’s important to also make a promise to our employees:

We promise a  work environment where people feel empowered to do their best work every day and if ever they don’t, they are comfortable and confident letting their teams and leadership know it, so we can change it together.

Knowing why we are making games and why we want an awesome work culture is the easy part. The hard part, the part about putting it into action, takes common shared values that guide our everyday actions…

• Seek out and encourage diverse perspectives and experiences

We’ve been doing this for a long time and we’re well aware of the game industry’s struggle with diversity and inclusion. We believe we can and should set a better example that raises the bar for all. Research data tells us the most successful teams are diverse teams. Diversity done well comes from having different ideas from different people then working together to draw out the best ones. We hire diverse people and create an environment where they can thrive. It’s not just the *right* thing to do, it’s smart business.

• Always strive to learn 

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that the world is changing too fast for us to stop learning. More importantly,  the speed of change means that solutions to our thorniest challenges often come from the least expected sources. 

In order to create a culture and foster team learning, we value intellectual curiosity and exploration as part of our process.  Learning involves failures, and our processes support failing smartly. 

• Create relationships that are meaningful and empowered 

We believe that making great games and building a great studio means working well with others to deliver on our promise to players. We think building meaningful relationships that recognize the unique value individuals bring and empowering those people to be responsible and accountable for their outcomes is the foundation of any great team. 

• Value how and when you communicate with others as much as what you communicate

Being honest, direct and open-minded is in our DNA. It’s part of how we’ve built trust with each other. We consider difficult conversations integral to improving ourselves, each other, our games, our teams. We also know that if we focus more on encouraging and building on each other’s strengths, we create an environment where those strengths can really shine to the benefit of all. Timely feedback, whether positive or constructive, is always given with the shared goal of building the strong foundation required to make a great workplace culture and great games. 

• Examine and Engage together without judgement

It’s easy to cite good communication as imperative for a healthy work environment. It’s not always so easy to do. The reality is conflict and sometimes-uncomfortable situations are inevitable when it comes to humans working together. When not addressed quickly and proportionally, these can become culture-crushing-trust-killers. 

Instilling a process that includes introspection and examining and engaging with one another helps people resolve challenges quickly without judgement.  This means quashing our lizard brain’s “deflect and defend” response and replacing it with being both strong AND vulnerable by examining and engaging. 

We don’t have all the answers. We make mistakes. We need everyone’s help to be good leaders and teammates. We think trust happens when everyone believes in the “examine and engage together” process because they believe it works, and it only works if we all commit to doing it. Committing to it means we continually grow and evolve a culture of healthy respect and valuing one another. Even when we’ve got a full plate of work. Even when it’s hard. Even when there are a million other important things that need your attention, etc. etc. You get the idea.

• Recognize that in order to bring your very best self to work, you also have to have a quality life outside of work

We’re passionate about making games, and we love what we do. When you’re passionate about something, it can sometimes be a struggle to not let it consume your time at the expense of your health and wellness. Our experience has taught us that self-inflicted burnout can happen to our very best people. The richness of our interactions and experiences both inside AND outside work are what make us truly good at what we do. 

• Do the right thing for both our players and our teams in order to succeed long-term

We believe that making a profit is the natural outcome, not the goal, of making games that players love. Long term profitability happens when you  take care of your teams and your players.