Our Story

We are Ganymede Games, an independent games studio in Las Cruces, NM. We create worlds that inspire exploration, adventures that spark curiosity, and unique gameplay that respects your time and busy lives. We promise to craft experiences you will want to share with others both in-game and out of game.

Ganymede Games was formed by industry veterans. Our team is composed of seasoned gamers, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and animal lovers whose passion for exploring new worlds infuses everything we do. We value humility, passion, curiosity, learning and healthy doses of creative risk-taking and personal adventure.

Having worked together around the globe from Los Angeles to Cyprus at companies like Riot Games and Wargaming, co-founders Jerry Prochazka and Rob Thompson are joined by developers who left the high costs and noise of the high-tech cities for an affordable, high quality of life with plenty of local biomes to explore.

A Card Based RPG Adventure

After a mysterious force starts pulling spaceships out of the sky, death and destruction rain down on Wolf Prime, littering its surface with wreckage, debris, and danger. Take on the role of Squig, a Wolf Prime denizen and shipyard worker who, with the help of his friend Norton, gathers a team of survivors to embark on a journey that will uncover the mystery behind the sudden cataclysm.

News and Updates

November 2023 Dev Blog

We continue to develop, new characters, new environmental designs and much more are waiting for you in our  article.


October 2023 Dev Blog

If you are wondering what developments took place in October and what new features were added, our October Dev Blog article is here.


September 2023 Dev Blog

You can find the new features and more added as part of this Major Update we published in September in this blog post.


Review on Gamespew

The Gamespew team played the demo of Xenotheria and shared their reviews, and we enjoyed reading it.


Interview with Techstars

Ganymede Games CEO Jerry Prochazka had an sincere interview with Techstars crew about their future plans.


Our Team

Team one
Jerry Prochazka
Co-Founder & CEO
Team one
Rob Thompson
Co-Founder & COO
Team one
Tod Lancaster
Team one
Felipe Cassina
Lead Game Designer
Team one
Kamil Maslanka
Gameplay Engineer
Team one
Niall McCoy
UI Engineer
Team one
Chris Gardula
Character Artist
Team one
Sam Heisler
Environment Artist
Team one
Patrick Hailla
Environment Artist
Team one
Aydın Gürer
UX/UI Designer
Team one
Georgy Dukhnov
Team one
Paul-Drauz Brown
Sound Designer
Team one
Karim Douaidy
Music Composer
Team one
David Castella
QA Analyst

Open Positions

VFX Artist

We are looking for teammates who can use the Unity VFX Graph tool well, have strong C# knowledge, and will code the shaders of in-game special effects.


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